Anxiety Snowflakes

This is my obligatory disclaimer. On this blog I am writing about my personal experience with my mental illnesses. They are really unique to me. Even if we both have anxiety my anxiety will not be exactly the same as yours and what I do to help myself may not help you. Hell, you may hate cats and they may make your anxiety work. Mental illness is a little bit like snowflakes. crazy little fun snowflakes. Each one is a little bit different but they are all snow. And some times you can handle the light sprinkling and sometimes it is a goddamn blizzard and everything is not okay and holy shit i’m not going out side because of this!
Image result for jon snow gif
I write this blog because I want people to talk about mental illness. I want people to understand that when I say I’m taking a mental health day that doesn’t mean I am sitting on my couch eating bon bons and watching the real housewives because I don’t want to do anything. (And I would never watch the real housewives. I’m more Bachelor and Dancing with the Stars  kind of girl.) What a mental health day means is that I can’t get out of bed this morning because the weight of my life is crushing me and the though of talking to people is giving me panic attacks
I want this blog to be a place were people can understand that they are okay. It is okay to not be okay some days. But most importantly, it is okay to talk about it.

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