This is Me, I Warned You

Hello all, you have made your way to my blog, I’m going to warn you now, things are going to get weird. If you have decided to stay then yay! If not, I totally understand. Please don’t go. I need some sort of affection.
So I am a senior in college and glory, there were some times when I did not think that I was going to make it to senior year. Let me tell you something I used to keep to myself but after some soul searching, I have decided, to hell with it. I am mentally ill. I hate that phrasing but unfortunately, it is true. I was witness to an event when I was 8 years old that was incredibly traumatic and subsequently, I have some fun illnesses to go along with it. Which is okay, I am okay with it. I have to be okay with that fact in order to go on with my life.
In this blog and video blog combination I will discuss the writing process of my memoir, dealing with my mental illnesses and all that fun stuff. More importantly, there will be cameos of my cat, Gustavvson. He is adorable.
This is him when he was a wee little one. He is just as cute one year later, but then again I am biased to my fur baby as his momma.
But I’m moving away from my point. I am okay but I am not okay. Some days are good and some days I can’t get out of bed without someone helping me and giving me a good reason. I don’t want to hide anymore because I think it is important to talk about mental illness. While I might be a small voice in the vast world of the internet, I’m speaking to help myself. And to hopefully do good on my senior project and get into grad school. But that is a side note. I want people to know that they are not alone because I know that sometimes I feel alone and that is a feeling that no one should go through.

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