The Mud is How Deep?

I tend to keep my political commentary to myself. So that said, I will not name any names for what I am about to rant about. Someone in the media recently said that soldiers with PTSD have weak minds. Now, I do not have combat zone PTSD and I thought long and hard about writing this blog post (it was a whole 30 mins of thinking). But,  I have somethings to say about living with PTSD and other mental illnesses and how much of a “weak mind” I have.

For people who have no experience with with mental illness and no education about how mental illness works, and trust me, I have ran into a lot of these people in my life, I can understand how it could seem that we might have weak minds. Lucky for them, there is mass amounts of research and scientific studies, plus people living with mental illnesses to teach them about how mental illness really works. Now, I don’t know everything about PTSD even though I have it. I only know what affects me personally. What I do know is that everyone who has a mental illness is stronger than anyone will ever know. It is one thing to battle someone standing in front of you and  but it is an entirely different playing field when it comes to battling yourself. Most of the time people will never tell anyone that there is a war waging in their brain and they don’t know if they are losing to themselves.

I found this image online this week and I don’t own it and I don’t know where if came from but it speaks so true to people who battling their inner demons. Somethings might seem super insignificant to you but to a person suffering with PTSD and having triggers, it could be their biggest trigger. One of my big triggers is buttered noodles. I can’t eat buttered noodles. The smell of them alone brings me back to my trauma. I have spent many years conditioning myself to be around my triggers.

A trauma is different to every different person. Some things wont affect people but will change another person for the rest of their life. In my case, my brothers were not affected by my grandfather’s plane crash. My whole life has changed because of that day. It is all about how deep the mud was for the individual person standing in it. You never know how something effects someone else.

So, sir, I ask you: How deep is the mud?


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