The Pioneer, the General, the Princess

If Carrie Fisher had a f*%k  to give about what people thought about her, I swear I never saw it. This woman is the definition of badass. She also lived with Bipolar Disorder and made sure the world knew it didn’t define her. 

Carrie was a pioneer for mental illness awareness. Now, my childhood was during the age of the second trilogy coming out but I was a Star Wars kid. Check out I shan’t, it’s Christmas to see my amazing Queen Amadala ornament. I of course watched the original trilogy and fell in love with Leia. 

Fast forward to me coming to terms with my own mental illnesses and starting to write about it, I found my princess again. This time in Wishful Drinking. She was sassy and raw. I fell in love with Carrie Fisher.

Carrie was more than Leia, so so much more. She is a huge part of why I decided to start this blog and felt acceptance for my brain. 

So to my brain, bring it on. 

To Carrie, thank you for always being yourself. 


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