Keeping Walgreens Photo Center in Business

In my bedroom there are dozens of 4×6 pictures attached to my walls with painters tape. The photos vary from friends and family to landscapes and buildings from my favorite places. The taped up pictures are in addition to the frames, cork board, and photo board that are filled up and cover more surface area. My room is covered in pictures of other places and people.

Last year one of my friends walked into my room, looked around, and asked about all of the pictures. I sort of brushed it off telling her that I just liked pictures. clueless-gif

I hang all those pictures up not because I just really like pictures. Being surrounded by people and places that I love help me get out of bed in the morning. The pictures on my walls are reminders of happy times in my life and people who love me. When I can’t see the light out of my own personal darkness, I can look around and see  moments when it got better. Being surrounded by so much love and happiness has been the difference in the midst of a panic attack or a spiral of depression that I couldn’t find a way out of.

Photos are a coping mechanism for me. I plan because I like to know in my future when something good is going to happen so I can pick myself up every day and get to it. I have photos everywhere to help pick me up to get there.


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