You Are Here

Hey, I don’t know if you noticed but I disappeared for a bit. Things have been a bit rough here on my end. But relapse is okay. Relapse is normal. I’m mostly saying that because I need my own reminder. 

On Tuesday, I had a really bad day. I ran out of a class because of a panic attack that was bordering on the line of a flashback I was fighting off. I came home a mess and found the new book by Jenny Lawson, The Blogess, waiting for me. 

I am a huge fan of Jenny Lawson and credit Furiously Happy, her memoir about her mental health, to being a guiding hand in a very dark time for me. You Are Here is a beautiful coloring /quote /advice book. I found myself crying at the pages and feeling profoundly less alone in a moment I felt isolated in. 

I wanna say thank you to Jenny Lawson. You have helped me learn to be okay with my sometimes dangerous mind. You give me hope and confidence in myself. 

I’m strange and broken but, I am here and I’m proud of myself. 


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