I’m Crying and it’s Neil Hilborn’s Fault

Hey weirdos, I’m in my in last month of college (oh my god) and things are stressful. That is kinda why there wasn’t a post last week. The stress got to me. It got to me in the form of sickness. Which put me a bit behind in my classes. Super fun right?


So, things are going great. Actually, I’ve gotten super focused and have been getting things done but I’m still going to breakdown any moment. I can feel it. It’s there, waiting….. It just needs to wait until after graduation.

This is not what this blog post is about so, if you opened this looking at the title and was like, why is this bitch just whining? I promise I am getting to my point.

As a break from my perpetual stress and unending terror of ‘what if I don’t graduate???’ I went to see visiting poet, Neil Hilborn. If you don’t know who he is, he is all over the internet.

You might recognize him from this small video:

Look at the views on that bad boy!

Neil is most known for his poetry about mental illness. His words are beautiful. Some of his poems are funny and some of them leave me crying.

What is really amazing about Neil is his performance. His poems are personal and emotional and he brings all of that when he speaks. Poetry is meant to be heard, it is meant to be spoken.

Thank you Neil for your poetry. It helps me and so many others feel understood. It has also made me cry a lot so that is also your fault. But I also laughed so I think it evens out.

If you haven’t checked out his work other than the ‘OCD’ poem, really check it out. My favorite poems, ‘Joey’  and ‘The Sadness Factory’. Check it out.

 A major thing about Neil’s poems is that they bring a major spotlight to living with mental illness and help start a discussion on it. Talking about mental health problems is so important to helping end the stigma. Which is kinda why I write this blog. 

But more of a reason, much like Neil’s reason for writing poetry: writing is therapy and it helps make sense of a jumbled and confused mind.


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