So, It has Been a Month

Hello everyone, (and by everyone I mean the bottomless void of the internet and my parents). I know I posted a month ago how it had been a while since my last blog post and I was going to be writing more and then I just disappeared again. I had felt like I had hit a brick wall, with both my writing and my depression. I couldn’t bring myself to get on the computer and write something and I was barely making it out of bed in the morning.  I felt like every time I started to write I wasn’t being authentic and I needed to take a break.

stitch wall

I had just finished presenting my senior thesis, which was part of my memoir about living with PTSD and had shared a lot of myself to a bunch of strangers. I needed to detox from writing about myself for a bit.

But now, for real, I will be writing blog posts weekly again! I have gotten some new ideas and am starting to feel okay with myself again.

As I have stated in a previous blog post, writing this much about myself and my struggles is all very new for me and can get overwhelming at times. But, the support I get online has been amazing and so encouraging for me to keep writing! Thank you for everything internet void (and yeah, my parents, thank you too).


Love, AnxietySnowflake


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