What Now?

Last week I woke up in the middle of a panic attack because I was having a panic attack in my dream. In my dream I got the letter about whether or not I was going to grad school in the fall but I was suddenly unable to read. It is safe to say that day really didn’t get better from there. I spent the whole day on the verge of a panic attack waiting for an email that never came.


Then, yesterday, the email did come and suddenly, I wished  I couldn’t read.

What do you do after that feeling of dread you have been holding in the pit of your stomach since February turns out to be exactly right and you aren’t going to grad school in the fall like you had hoped upon hoped on?


I honestly have no idea what I am going to do from here. I know for a fact that I’m not giving up on my dreams, this isn’t the first time I have been rejected from a school I thought was the perfect place for me. Granted, I felt a lot differently about this school than I did about the undergraduate school I was rejected from.

The main point is rejection sucks but it is something that I am used to in the field of writing. It’s just that some rejections hurt a little bit more than others. What rejection never means is that you should give up.


One thought on “What Now?

  1. Dean says:

    Here is my thought; when they ask you to speak at a future commencement and offer you an honorary doctorate you can put them on a wait list. I would love to see you take the “The last Dance,” polish it and get it published.


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