I Guess I go to the gym now…..

After the anniversary I needed to take a little break from writing and checking my blog. The day didn’t go as planned and I felt a bit out of sorts for a while. But, very recently I have started going to the gym. Recently as in like a month and a half. I have been going to the gym 4-5 times a week in it really sucks.

Both my doctor and my therapist recommended that I go to the gym regularly because as Elle Woods would say:


Except not the shooting husbands part, I’m not married. I have been hearing over and over for so long how I need to exercise and then finally I decided to just give in because I was loosing a battle with myself and I needed something else.

Begrudgingly, I think it’s working. It sucks and feels awful and my body hurts a lot but I feel more human now that I have been working out regularly.


Working out won’t work for everyone and I really don’t know how long it is going to keep working for me. But, it has been something good for me so I wanted to talk about it kind of in words but more in I wanted to be able to use that Elle Woods Gif.


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